Investment Project in Turkey


  • 250 billion USD worth of investment projects are planned in the Roads-Sea- Air transportation and Railways, ground transportation is expected to increase by %250, Sea and Rail transportation are expected to increase by %400,
  • 14.500 new double-line road to be constructed; between 2003-2013, (16.000 km has been already constructed), 37.000 km of new double-line roads will bee constructed.
  • 25.000 km railway system to be constructed with 13.000 km new railways. 6.000 km 12 new highways to be constructed to reach 6.000 km from 2.224 (in 2035, total will be 12.000 km),
  • 13.000 km High-Speed Train Networks to be planned with 12.000 km new networks,
  • 750 fleet of airplanes to be planned with 375 new airplanes are planning to be purchased,
  • 60 Airports to be planned until 2023 with 8 new airports. The biggest airport is being constructed in İstanbul.
  • Our objective is to be listed as ‘one of the biggest 10 harbors of the World’ by 2023,
  • Commercial Marine to reach 50 Million DWT, from 30 Million DWT,
  • 2023, to own the world’s largest and second longest, 640 km, 30 billion USD Underground Project,
  • Marmara Sea Speed Train Ring Project to be connecting 12 cities of Türkiye (Value:45 Billion USD)
  • Fast Speed Train Projects in 5 different regions of Türkiye,
  • 400 Billion USD worth of investments in urban transformation are planned to be realized by the end of 2030,
  • Natural Gas lines in 35 cities,
  • New projects are valued at 140 Billion USD in the Energy Sector,
  • Infrastructure and Structure Construction Projects (pavement) in 50 cities,
  • DAP Projects (Eastern Anatolian Project), KAP Projects (Northern Anatolian Project)
  • 100 Dams constructions in Türkiye,
  • 5 Huge Water Way Projects,
  • Bay Passage Bridge in İzmit (3km-2nd longest bridge in Europe)
  • İstanbul-İzmir Highway Project- 6.9 billion USD worth
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