Message From The Chairman



Construction equipment sector has showed high performance with its high added value in last 15 years, has benefited from global growth and has become one of the leading sectors of Turkey. The machinery sector, which increases the market volume with a wide export network day by day, has become one of the essential elements of the economy with ongoing infrastructure projects, mega projects and increased housing investments. National investments and projects which are the factors that triggs the need for construction equipment, also pave the way for the sector to become the shining pearl of Turkey in the international area too.

As İMDER, we are very proud of being the representative of such and important sector for our country and our economy. İMDER that was established in 2002 by 9 leading companies of Turkey, became an huge family with its several sectoral committees over the past 15 years.

Today İMDER, with its 56 members and 15 different committees represent the Turkish Construction Equipment sector that serves completely towards investments on both national and international arena.

Even though in 2016 Turkey has affected by the economic uncertainty that its influences felt all around the World, saw a %3 growth in the construction equipment sector compared to 2015. According to the 2015’s statistics, Turkey kept its place at 4th in Europe, at 11th in the World.

In Turkey 60% of demand for construction equipment is supplied by distributors and 40% is supplied by equipment manufacturers. Our exports in 2016 were 13 billion USD while our imports were 26 billion USD. Export sales of construction equipment from Turkey in 2016 saw a 0.7% increase on 2015 levels, reaching 13.4 billion USD. 

As one of the countries with an increase in world machinery exports, our aim is to become a sector that is going to be among the first 6 in the world and the first 3 in Europe with 22,000 units of annual sales of construction machinery.

İMDER’s main aims are, to increase relations between its members around “Ethical Competition and Law” and to act as the platform where sectoral problems are solved and the solutions of the problems are discussed.

In accordance with Law No: 5253 with approval of the Ministry of Interior and all the relevant ministries İMDER has gained the right to use the name of “Türkiye”. Out of 98.000 associations only 485 associations can use the name “Türkiye”, as the name is only granted to institutions and organizations comlpying perfectly with the regulations. IMDER strongly and effectively maintains its activities on both national and international platforms.

In 2006 IMDER started to globalise becoming a member of CECE (Committee for European Construction Equipment)’s Executive Member then became a member of ERA ( European Rental Association).

Following these memberships in Europe, İMDER has increased its cooperation points in the world over time and has been working with organizations like AEM (America), SOBRATEMA, (Brazil), BAI (India), CCMA and CCPIT (China), KOCEMA (Korea) and CEMA (Japan). 

We, with the power that we receive from you, will continue to represent the Turkish Construction Equipment sector proudly and keep on working at what is beneficial for our economy and our sector .


TURKİYE Construction Equipment Distributors & Manufacturers Association (IMDER)
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